3 coins per video/advert


So I know you guys need to be tight with the coins for free offers, such as videos, but could you increase it a tiny bit? @kalishane 3 coins per video is quite stingy to be honest, I know 10 coins would be considered as too much but could it not be increased to let’s say at least 5? 30 videos per day, if done over a period of 4 weeks give us 2520 coins. This equates to only ONE of the below:

  • one 10 pull every 4 weeks and we will have 320 coins spare
  • one big pull every 4 months
  • 1260 coins per war (as they are on a two weekly basis) which allow for 6 war refill, this number will go down if you have to insta rebuild your camp a few times so lets say 4 war refills

I focused only on the more exciting features and left out world or raid refills.

I really think you guys could give a bit more for those videos, if it’s not up to you but Tapjoy can you contact them about it?


There is zero benefit to scopely for doing this therefore moving along swiftly


Well there is - if f2p get more coins then those who spend need to spend that tiny bit more to remain more competetive.


you must be new…


Frequency of videos is so bad that it doesn’t even worth it to collect them (waiting time between videos). I gave up since august-september after series of patches, probably haven’t collected more then 45 coins since then (with one patch you could collect coins with video skips)


I totally agree woth you right there. The pain to watch 80+ videos for a coin draw is too much, and I suggest 5 coins. 10 would be too much, and I think 5 coins is acceptable. I get discouraged to watch these ads due to the low prizes, so I wish it can increase just a bit more. After all, it is a win win situation if prize increase, more users will watch.

I have also made a suggestion thread with the same request, any suggestions there will be welcomed too. :slight_smile:


Been playing since day 1 but if you have nothing constructive to add then… just dont. Fed up with people here constantly moaning and trying to bring down every suggestion thread.


they work fine for me, sorry they dont work for you


Well I apologise @Zombay

Just that there’s so many suggestions on forums day in and out but I’m not sure if they care at all… some were amazing ideas but seems like anything not related to earning them money they really don’t care.


Almost forgot…
Keep surviving!


Scopely should get an income per click, isn’t it ?


Out of usa tapjoy works like crap, videos too. I have problem with both since april 2016 so you can guess how heavily I collect coins. Only good period for coin farming (non scavenge) was during this summer and thats it.