2x10 pull for holly


me 50… yeah i know

(80 on first release)

Keep surviving

2 ten pulls and you expect the character?


I expected at least 3 Holly’s
maybe 1 six star

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I’ve done a couple hundred pulls for her and have gotten nothing other than a few five stars for ascendance fodder.

Same with Harper and shield Jesus.

I know people who have gotten all three relatively easy.

Pull luck is not something I possess in any measure. Your experience is the norm.


youve pulled molly. its almost the same as holly just with an “m”. dont thank me.


Lol… You must be new.


Rage quit :ok_hand:

And I did a single pull and got a 5 star :joy:


Try 4 forty pulls for her without an ascendable and see how that feels :joy::joy:. At least I would have gotten a Magna if this collection was up at the time.

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I expected at least 5* one maybe 2…
@d.j @Kovacs

sudo -give holly

Since leagues started (and the level cap increased) I decided to try and save my coins in order to do a 40 pull whenever a toon I wanted came up on promo. It takes a lot of patience, but good things come to those who wait, right? Here’s what 2x leagues-funded 40 pulls look like:

Shield Jesus back in November

Holly this weekend

Yup. 80 pulls, 2x 5*, not only not the promo toons but not a single ascendable either. The fact that one is not merely a 5* but an OG 5* and one of the all time worst to boot made it all the sweeter.
Now, I didn’t pay a cent for those pulls and I was still pretty steamed with the results, so can you imagine what someone who dropped $200+ (the “value” that Scopely would ascribe to the above screenshots) would feel like?

Maybe peoples’ expectations are coloured by the posts they see on here - you only ever see the lucky “single” pulls or indeed the “got her on a 10 pull” with the “after 18 other 10 pulls” part conveniently forgotten. The odds are trash, they have always been trash and always will be. Anyone still paying for pulls needs their head examined.


Single pull with league tokens. First pull.


Single sc pull too


i accidentally did the wrong wheel with my league coins i saved up, ended up getting the shield william 5*, no clue what i will do with him

Hi (insert name)

Sorry to hear about the issue.

Please do file a report to our support crew as they’ll be able to look into it, and compensate your account accordingly.

Thank you!

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Single pull from league tokens

Nope. Scopely say one 5* per 40 pulls on a single premier wheel. Some get lucky, others not. No guarantee for an ascendable let alone the main toon everyone wants.

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