2x Disarm Michonne Pulls


Share your results. I’m pretty sure everyone got her with one ten pull.


2x10 pulls with no michonne to show for it so nope not here



2 ten pulls as well and only got man bun christ


My team mates single pull


didnt get michonne got my 3rd rosita though :confused:


I got my first alpha on 2 singles but probably won’t even acend her



I got the bootleg version Bruce. Unfortunately I won’t have much use for him since I heavily lack melee attack.


3 pulls, all 4 stars, though I didn’t really expect much.


10 pull. 9 4* and a dupe med dropper Morgan… knew I shouldn’t have bothered :see_no_evil::joy:


Congrats to your factionmate.


Not the worst thing I’ve pulled either




Single pulled 6* Morgan


I have 3k in gold but I’m not wasting it for 9-10 4* I don’t need sp and even more jam ups on my roster


Single pull


Bruce is phenomenal. One of the best cards in the game - disarm/stun is miles better than confuse and his active skill is basically a neutralize two.


2x10s :hugs::hugs:


Got the ascendable blue Alpha from 10 pulls. Better than nothing