2nd League Ezikiel

So with the refresh of the league store, it is possible to rebuy the characters that were purchased the first season. Do you think it is worth getting a second ezekiel or would it be better to wait and see what toons come out in the 2nd season>?

No one knows. In beta it was refreshed to completely new characters.

I wouldn’t buy a second Zeke.

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I bought a second one and plan to build the team around those two.

All depends on what you want to run on your teams

I would have bought a 2nd Ezekiel if I had the tokens for it.

Who were the new toons?

I don’t even think one of him is worth it


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I’ve gotten many more defends with him as leader.

Zeke is amazing, people are tripping, he heals and boosts hp by 40% for only 3 i know but he also recovers impair for all in his rush which is really nice, 2 zekes with maybe an erika with 2 magnas, thats not fun lol

He isn’t good enough to want two of him imo

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Your opinion, mine is id buy 2 of him but i got mira instead

It depends on what toons you have. If you have a shield like magna or yellow Jesus or both it would be a great team. Probably even a revive like Lydia or Erika. But if you don’t have these guys behind him. He’s kinda easy to take down. So either way more than 1 is a waste…

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I have 2 hunters behind him as well as guardian 2 Hershel.


My current defence is centered around Carl and Koa.

I do have Garrett so could make a workable green/red team.

The reds in my current roster are: Andrea, Jerimiah, Ezekiel, Kondrad, Rosita and Mirabelle. The only blue I have is Yumico.
Maybe a second zek would be a waste as I already have Rosita.

Also Blue Kenny

Sounds like a sweet team. Should i get a 2nd one have my 1st behind ericka with sid to command him

Well, the toons in beta didn’t match regular at all. For example, we had white Shiva, Marlon, Aris, Koa, blue Mich (?), rez Ty(?). We would never get that in the real game.

My zeke is maxed but doesn’t even get a guest appearance in the tower lol. Wish I never bought it but assumed tokens didn’t roll over. Same for mira

I have bought a 2nd one, won’t use the 1st but having toons to level up is never a bad thing. Bought a 2nd saw blade with trait advantage too.

Could actually buy another Mirabelle too, but waiting to see who is up next week.

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