2nd Chance for Trader

How many people are going for Trader this time around after seeing him in circulation?

Worth trying to do pulls for him?

He seems to be great on attack and defense. He’s not invincible but definitely needs the right toons around him to make him annoying AF.

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts. My league coins are itching to be donated to Scopley lol.

i did 10 pull
0 trader
1 rocket abe


I’ve seen a fair amount of traders in the CRW blitz. Guess the numbers will go steeply up in the CRW weekend war…

He’s a good sabotage toon, if you already got Wangfa S-Class, he’s deffo a toon to blow coins on - if for nothing else, then the Onslaught value, since even a 6* version an help there.

If you got Frost with impair/elusive (taunt resist), tanky Pete with stun/focus (stun resist), Princess (taunt resist) and Wangfa (impair/elusive weap and daze resist), your defense can become rock solid with an S-class Trader, especially if you also got some epic weapon skills to extend the team durability (alert def / cleanse [for pete], tough bonus HP or even the 25% chance to heal 50% HP…

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I’d wait and see the new toon coming out this week

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Thats what I’m doing , because 100 pulls for only a 1000 cards is robbery.


Wow, your bucket has fewer holes in it than mine does. I never even get the rocket Abe…

Yeah, I just ran into a team with a fully leveled S-class plus two fully leveled 6 star traders.

It wasn’t that painful until about the third round when EVERYONE on my team suddenly just exploded.


Pete cures infection pretty easily. If you ain’t got Pete, it’s harder, but Aarav helps while killing.

I have poor luck on pulls so I’m not. I’m just going to continue to lose or flee when I’m up against him. If I pull for him, I’ll just get mad that I spent months worth of coins on nothing and still have to lose or flee. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Guess your luck with crafting healing weapons is then equally bad? Jessie Anderson got an impressive active heal. Other toons that might help (with a respective huge AP gain) would be blue Eric, gren Violet or simply change tactics for ultra atk…

My strategy is hide behind a shield (red magna with stun focus) so she draws infection. Rest of your line up can focus to kill the enemies or use their actives/rushes to revive/heal

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Don’t give up I’m sure you can figure ways to beat him.

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I’ve pulled a number of times on the wheel and never got Jessie Anderson. Mostly duplicates and non-ascendables.

I’m still trying different combinations but haven’t found anything that works yet. Everyone dies before I can kill him.

Goodluck everyone trying for more traders!

I think if ur gonna pull for a toon anytime soon then probably best to pull for him.

In your roster, search for “heal” among the 6* toons, focus mostly on toons that offer heal in a quick active. Can be heal to one toon only, if you make a shield collecting infection as well as attacks from the rest of the team. Good options is Alice (heal on active, while rush revives, provides focus and atk boost to help avoid taunt and bring trader down faster) but I guess you’ll tell me you don’t have her either…

If you want help to build a team, let me know - send a PM with your roster and mention the good wespons you got…

Thanks, @YSpammer, I’ll give that a try. And, no, I do not have Alice. I pulled for her when she was a premier toon when she first came out and again when she was in the premier wheel after that and didn’t get her. When she was in whichever wheel it was recently, I didn’t even try. Couldn’t handle it, if I didn’t get her yet again, lol.

But, I will try the strategy you suggested. Thanks and I’ll let you know how it goes.

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