2nd blitz war today?


According to VK, there is a second blitz war today starting in about an hour. Is this true? @kalishane


Yes one hour.


Yes. Would really like to know if Faction Level Up has been pushed back yet again too. So I can tear my hair out for wasting a scavanger mission.


Pics please?





Blitz Wars are 24 hours and they are on the calendar for two days – yes!

I can separate it if that helps.


Thank you @kalishane


Thank you! @kalishane. Is faction level up still a go as well?


Lmao. These bs rewards. What happened to medals, trainers, prestige tokens, and gear? They must be on a long paid vacation. Smh… Wasting all this time fighting for a 5* Vernon in the end.


Hey @kalishane

I honestly don’t like Blitz wars back-to-back like this.

I think alot of players (especially the older ones) have to play every day. The thing that works for war is that its the weekend. Blitz wars makes you war during work hours, etc and it’s draining to have to war back-to-back.

At least last time you guys gave a days rest but this is like, immediately after.

I don’t think anyone over at Scopely realizes that more events that drain resources and time are one of the reasons players actually quit the game.

It starts to feel like a chore to play this game.


Don’t worry I got someone so much better than vernon, green kenny. Fml and scopley.


Lol last pull was Laura. I don’t have her yet, and she’s pretty hot.


Poor Dwight, first the eye…now you are grilling his ass with statements like this :wink:


Wait, huh?


She’s dwights chick, potential though


FLU doesn’t exist anymore, so we gotta acknowledge that.


I really dont care for the back to back blitz wars. And of course the rewards are rather bland for the first one and then bam! Exact same rewards for the second? You could have at least mixed it up a little. Add some lucille tokens maybe something jeez. Its just lazy. But you know… Scopes gotta “love em”


Lol oh :slight_smile:


rewards suck as usual