2nd $4.99 dead rabbit offer?

Does anyone know if there is a 2nd offer for $4.99 after the first one??

No, the 2nd offer goes for 19.99 and the 3rd goes for 29.99, also there are more dead rabbits on each offer.

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Thanks, good to know.

How many more rabbits each time. Anybody know?

2nd Offer has 30 rabbits, 3rd has 60 rabbits

Thank you

@JB.Scopely any chance of an offer for 10 rabbits? I am just short of 10 now.

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If you have 915 coins buy one of them crates, they have 15 in

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4th offer (120 rabbits) for £72

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Then I will be left with 5…

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That’s what happened to me lol, I bought the 20 rabbits for $4.99 then bought the 15 rabbits for coins.

I’m happy I finally have a 2nd Shiva, just wish I had the gear for her. I’m in the same boat with my Solange, league Sandy, Princess along with 20 other 6*s stuck at t2 & t3.

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