2hrs and no rewards

Are Scopley slow at everything?

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Lol, knowing Scopely, there is no rewards now :rofl:

This game is becoming a joke

Oh you sweet innocent naive man

Not meant in an insulting way

No, not slow at all when it comes to fixing Victorgate or Wendygate.

I would neither be sad nor surprised if we are gonna be without rewards other than milestones, its like expecting dinner and foot massage from an abusing husband when he comes home drunk at 5am… We know better than to trust any “promise” made by scopely. No its not even promises, its “promises”.


Demasiados problemas…mandé al soporte captura de imagen de que “perdimos” pero teníamos ventaja con la puntuación…y nos la dieron como perdida… comenzó 4 hs más tarde que el resto la guerra (ademas de las supuestas pulseras que iban a regalar por este tema)…que pasa?

sisisisisisi claro.

Umm nope.

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