29th July Walker Hoardes Event Cancelled?

It’s removed from the calendar. Why? @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely ?

check the pinned thread at the top fam

@blackmeow You will find the answer here Walker Hordes Event - [July 25]


I know that answer but it’s a horrible decision…


Do they care ??


Unfortunately you are probably right, they rather infuriate the player base even more…

If you already knew the answer why ask?

The bug is of annoyance as you don’t even lose the energy after the reset. Put the event back on the calendar and fix it after Pathways.

Territories have been crashing for years and that does steal your energy but that has not been removed to fix it. Removing the second Hordz event is unacceptable.

If your company still insists on taking it away from us then they need to offer proper compensation as well and that would be at the least the number of cans to replace the 24 hours of hordes we are now losing but the right thing would be to just give the players the bats for all the milestones.


No, because when have they ever?


Dont worry survivors the new OP toon Tye is on the way …LMAO

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Unpopular opinion, but this problem was caused by the players. Everytime there’s something wrong, the forum gets flooded. It was a nuisance but not game breaking.

Players came on here yesterday and said they were down 3 or 4 cans. Makes no sense for the game to take some energy but not all energy. Well, this is what we get.

Yeah but something tells me they are using the bug as more as as excuse to force everyone to do it in one like they intended all along.

We should have had a walker horde right from the start and then every other week as well. Everything they do is just under the guise of getting people to spend.

I said it from the start this event was not actually f2p for the majority of the players. I mean how many factions actually hit every one of the faction goals? The ridiculously high numbers was intentional so when people get close to the goal (Piper) and fall short they can head on over to the store and spend for what they are missing.


Our faction has been letting anyone in who hasn’t hit the faction goals. We have hit all of them except for territories. Regions can also work together and use territory energy in the top faction to help speed it along.

But yea, this event was poorly planned. From the alpha roadmap being too hard, to the high faction milestones and now the horde event. Very unfortunate.


It’s been off for a While I think.

That’s nice that you guys are doing that but how many factions are doing the same?

Still, this entire event was based completely on using loopholes to hit the goals. How did this event provide fun and engaging gameplay? It didn’t. It was nothing short of yet another grind fest. This game lacks imagination and creativity. The entire event was poorly thought out and as always poorly executed.


Yea, it definitely wasn’t fun. Did have some great prizes with all the trainers.

I’m sure factions will be willing to, after all, most top factions did open themselves up for skill token. I’m hoping the word gets around.

You have to be kidding me ricky

Then people being locked out this last crw was the players fault

TOC and all the drama the whales did was their fault


If scopely didnt change the code so that fighting your own defense would count then this crashing wouldnt be happening

Yea cause this games always made sense :smirk:


Our region is doing this too, trying to finish mystery bags and territories

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I was just talking about hordes… Players were lying about losing energy imo. Like I said, unpopular opinion haha.

We Are One in Barrow is doing it. Thanks guys :grin: