27 Combat Mod Box Opening Video


Time to crack some combat mod boxes open and see what I get. I have over 100 openings but breaking them up into multiple videos as sitting through 100 combat mods may not be the most enjoyable lol and it also helps me out for time sake.

After opening the combat mods lets talk about the gold combat mods and who they can synergize with.

If I happen to miss anything let me know!


How are you able to sit on that many mod boxes? That’s Batman level willpower there


7/10. I would never advocate for the use of crit damage mod set on a guardian - instead I would focus on using the defense set first and foremost, hp set if defense set is not available in equal quality. The crit damage mod set doesn’t affect how often a guardian will proc their shields, it just add extra damage to their attacks. While its true they are more likely to deal a critical hit because you’ve probably already stuck a crit chance mod in their top left slot and crit on their weapon, I would never choose that bit of extra damage over defense or hit points on my guardian. Remember that they will only shield themselves if everyone else is already covered…so they are often vulnerable to attacks


Agreed 110%. That’s what I always say when I try to give mod advice.


Didn’t watch but I’m going to guess about 50% were crit set lol


It depends for offense, defense and the team comp I would say.

I think you are 100% correct with your statement for defense as I wouldn’t put a crit damage set on a Guardian II for that.

Offense is a different story as if I am unlucky and the best attack leader I have is Green Carl then I will be putting offensive pressure on my survivors as on attack going majority defense isn’t the most optimal to not only beating your opponent but also beating them within a certain time.

I will be more clear on offense and defense for combat mods in the future, thanks jjseels3.


Good point.

Maybe if I had multiple Zekes I might mod one for offense and one for defense

The one I have is good for both at the moment, though. As the only yellow on a team I take against greens, he takes most of the hits, meaning he needs all the defense I can give him

But I could see him doing wonders on the Rick lead all yellow offense with a crit damage set too.