26th is almost here, and this is what Scopely will give (=sell) us


Not giving selling


Thought they would sell an s class, must have switched back to right before war to make the whales panic spend :whale: :milk_glass: gotta milk emm dry baby!

Last purchase is sc. I wanna get that harrison.

Loooool imagine 4 of these behind S-Laopo


if that is f2p i am surprised

What is s class pete, priya, laopo, raulito, and henguyen maxed stats? I wanna know so I can see how much their stats are in total.

Per toon, 12k without mods, rings and lead skill
With mods, rings and lead skill around 20k
100k-120k the whole team

Looooool Wallets and Flee buttons left the chat

So just 12,000 or 12k with some numbers? Send pics of Laopo,raulito, Priya,pete, Henguyen s class pics (When you see them in museum their maxed) So send them pics. I can see how much they are with and without mods.

Shit load either way when I see a team I’ll screen shot it and send

(We bout to switch classes) I’ll add their total stats as one.

I remember back in the day when they had some kind of game modifier that made 9999 attk def and health so literally is built in to just keep going until pfft no more we can do

Oh look. They already made that s Class Priya so many of us are grinding for ■■■■■■■ useless. You’re a real class act Scopely.

You’re fraudsters, money grabbing cunts.

Fuck this game, I’m done.


No, next promo

Nothing was ever gonna change, 2 weeks of not playing has been a blessing, S-Class has killed the game no interest in getting them.


I know glad I went for laopo and James

So … We quitting today?

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