250K Level-Up Points Needed For Dwight's Rifle?


Milestones might be the only way to get some of the parts needed for Dwight’s rifle. Can anyone confirm?


I would turn Mount Rushmore into Mother Russia for that AK-74, it was a long wait for Russian community haha. But yeah I guess milestones are pretty high


That’s a good question. I hope not as I wasn’t planning on participating…


Took about 10 days to complete 2 of the weapon parts required though.


I was planning on sitting this event out, but can’t ignore the risk that these weapon parts as rewards might be one time only. 75 springs/triggers seem a paltry amount but would prefer to get them via a lvl up than having to resort to buying bags containing 10 of each for 500 coins a pop at the end of the event.


I am completely stuck now. I hadn’t planned on bothering with this even because obvious reasons. The rifle parts hadn’t occurred to me at all. That same worry briefly popped up with the lame solo survival road tournament last week too.

THIS kind of info would be especially helpful for players. Worrying whether or not you’re going to screw yourself over because you can’t stand doing another $$ tedious event is not fun. Great for the $$$ bottom line it most definitely is though.


i always do milestone, dont care its 1mil or 2 mil, its only way u can play ALIVE, so yeah bro, i hit milestone


Yes, that is correct.


@Drip I have been doing the rifle part milestones including the last solo lvl ups. I have 2 of the 6 complete now, so I am not expecting a 2nd chance at this. If you have 1 6* to level up then it’s easy to get the 250k over a weekend assuming you have been banking 2* toons. My YGL also works which helps.


Not good - I missed some events. Hope I can catch up.


As VK leaked screenshots of AK74 roadmaps (the very first ones) everybody will get the weapon.