25 War Tokens (and other crap) for USD 30? What is this joke?


We need 1000 War Tokens to pull a toon so… what’s the value of 25 War Tokens? LOL.


They’re factoring the overpriced RTS tokens as well.


Yeah I wouldn’t buy that if I was you🤗

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You mean the 4* tokens? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: Kidding XD

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I suspect that this is yet another example of classic Scopely not checking something before it goes out

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I saw an offer for 85 Rts tokens to, they can keep that one to

They legit need a QA/QC

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Any openings? @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely :smiley: I have some past experience as a Quality Analyst hehe… Don’t mind working from home … cost saving for the company hehe.

Nope. They clearly know what they are doing with these idiotic offers.

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5 in stock for this offer. U have to gather those 25 over 70 days it will bring u a pull in the end

Probably an old offer for the 100 token wheel pull that was just cycled back in.


They know what they are doing, they made this offer cause they know someone will buy it, i am positive someone, prob multiple people have bought this

If players buy this, they deserve to be charged for it lol. Come on.

Someone has bought all 5, i am sure of it. Thy put this :poop: for a reason, reason is they see data/number of offers bought, not “This is a crap offer, I’m not going to buy it” they dont see any of this on the forums, just the data/numbers from offers in game and cause some sap is buying this and buys these and I’m sure it’s more than one person, we continue to get offers like this.

I think i got that offer too. Who is gonna pay $10 for a .2% chance for Weyland. 80 RTS tokens is what the offer was for, so you don’t even get a pull for $10. Come on Scopely

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Weird thing is the wording. It says “last chance to make a final push” but the RTS tokens are up for another 4+ days so we know there will be more offers for them. War tokens are up for weeks so hardly like that’s a final push.

Literally just copied and pasted and sent it out without even a cursory glance to check it was sensible

copywriters playing mindgames at their best !

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