$25 for 3 0.2% chances

This really is a perfect example of what you’re doing wrong, unless you’re just getting ready to close.



Why do virtual bandaids cost more than real ones


These tokens are overpriced and aren’t worth it, these are fu*ckin trash

The prices attributed to everything in the game is insane. Seriously Scopely you have such a warped grasp on reality.


The pathway event prices are seriously ridiculous. I guess they are trying to get players to buy them because the chance of 20k coins.

As for the WD tokens, who cares what price they put up? They could put up 3 pulls for $1 and I doubt players would buy it. It’s a horrible wheel. Probably the worst that’s ever been ran.

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The reason these exist are the dudes that buy even worse deals.


It only applies if you buy it…otherwise it is 100% happiness

I think scopely were trying to be clever by putting Weyland in it seeing as he is needed for a museum collection, but it seems to be getting neglected as I don’t see any flags available for Axel…or.roxy…

Cause skopelie‘s executives doesn’t buy bandages at CVS. They buy the expensive stuff made of egyptian cotton. :wink:

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Scopely is just a lawful thieves gang

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Surely outrages price now. Canteen and GPS use be like 34.99 now 7.99 for 2 of each. There trying milk what they can.

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Initially they sold them for 100$, and radios/schoolbags for 30$

And people bought them

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