25.0 update feedback

Overall. Good job with 25.0 update. Just a few points:

  1. Lilith and ulysses don’t give XP anymore. Isn’t it already long enough to get S class maxed out, you though you’d made it harder?
  2. It’d have been great to have the adrenaline and talent level Straight when looking at a toon. You could add it overlaying the icons on the main toon view
  3. Frenzy roadmaps drop rate is ridiculously low… really not worth the energy spent

Last: what’s the point of training 2* toons to then convert them into trainers? Couldn’t we train trainers straight?


yeah and what happened to the droprates in trainingsgrounds for 2* burts or trait-trainers? are they gone? so whats the point for these training types now?

just for remembering?

  1. Yeah, but that’s only about two Bennies per toon, doesn’t really change much
  2. Would not be opposed, but you can see them in the skills view. Maybe that one should be the default? It’s much more informative
  3. yup its bad

2* training and trainers: Some might want 2* occasionally for territories or something. You would need the conversion anyway, otherwise the 2* from bags that you occasionally get from scavenging would be worthless, as would the 3* and 4* you can get from basic tokens, elite characters etc. You would also end up with lots of training ground options that give you exactly the same (Now, everything except the first two and maybe Legendary training is pointless, but at least they nominally do different things)

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