25.0 Update - bug with arena teams


I have the two following problems :

  1. I have two 5stars mercer ready to be ascended, when I want to ascend 1 of these it says that I must remove him from my teams. The problem is that the ONLY team he is in is my defense team in 5stars arena. As 5stars arena isn’t running right now I can’t remove him from this team.

  2. I want then to ascend my second 5 stars mercer which is in no teams at all (not even in 5stars arena) and I have the same error as above (remove character from your teams). There maybe a “mismatch” with character’s name here I think.

Can you report this to the team please?

@LadyGeek @TayTron


To work around this, try going to the roster, find your mercer, then choose the ascend button from the roster.

Try the ascendance tower rather than ascending through the roster.

For myself last night and helping out another player, we could not ascend straight from the roster page but going to the ascendance tower to do it worked no problem

Through roster it’s not working, through ascendance tower it is working, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

You can cycle the arena defenses to change the old school team too… The only time you can’t is when there is no arena active (before and after championship arena)

Also make sure you’re not using them in survival road!

Didn’t know that, thank you :slight_smile:

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