25.0 Update Beta Gameplay

25.0 is the next major update to RTS and with it comes a lot of quality of life upgrades for leveling as well as roster management. There are also some changes to how chracters will drop in the world map.

Now that only trainers will be able to be used to levelup your characters and they will now be stored in the inventory this frees up a lot of roster space for everyone as big bonus.

Initial thoughts on Update 25.0?

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For a full audio breakdown on what is to come in 25.0 you can check out my update video here:


So there is no discussion here?

I’ll kick it off with an off topic comment - any chance that your posts would actually contain written text information / screenshots? I am pretty much unable to watch videos…

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I am currently trapped in beta. I complete the new trainer training the go to exit out and I new loading screen pops up and then loads up a screen where I have to redo the trainer training. I cannot do anything besides the trainer training. It’s an endless cycle. Please help! I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and the I am still trapped in the trainer training.

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… 7 character’s

My videos are pretty much for the people who dont have time / unable to read the blogs etc. (some people prefer audio visuals over text&screenshots) the blog post from a few days ago would help you with what you need there.

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Hope the slider issue gets fixed. It is the best part, maxing a character on a tier in one move


Thanks for the reply! Was thinking that you are actually expanding on the blogs (that I do read with a mixture of hope and horror) not re-creating them in a video format…

If you do add original content (or simply a real player perspective that the devs don’t always tackle sufficiently) though, any chance you could sum it up at the bottom of your post, eventually through the “hide details” to keep the post “sleek”? Otherwise I simply have to pass :confused:

In any case, thanks for being here and doing what you’re doing for the community :wink:

There is no recreation, you asked for text and screenshots - I produce videos. With that is my own perspective, thoughts & ideas etc. If you want text and screenshots, the blog is for you.

Desde la actualización hay un problema con los valores de ataque. Aunque se cambie de armas los valores nunca cambian

Have to wait and see what the “Screw you pay us more money” feature is before I make any judgments about the change.

Curiously you left that off the poll as an option.

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Anyone finish the 2664 levels mision with the stash?? I try in 3 betas and is impossible for me

yup, just do the first tier of any 6* character upgrade and move on

Si,cambio armas y no sube la estadística está como bugeada y quería saber que harán al respecto a este problema porque bajo muchos las estadísticas de los personajes

O es que la nueva actualización 25.0 se arreglará este problema porque es como que los psj no tengan armas pones una arma de mayor porcentaje de ataque,def,Vit y no sube y ni baja como bugeada…

Необходимо увеличить лимиты:
БО с 250 до 4000 персонажей
БАД с 250 до 2000 персонажей
БРИ с 250 до 1000 персонажей
БРАЙАН с 250 до 500 персонажей

Бо - основной будущий персонаж в игре. Его можно получить с маршрутов, дороги, этапов мира, тренировочных площадок. Лимита в 250 недостаточно.
БАД, БРИ, БРАЙАН так же требуют увеличения лимита, т.к. С базовых жетонов у активных игроков выпадает гораздо больше персонажей.
Так же базовые жетоны предлагаю разделить на оружие и персонажей, чтоб игрок сам выбирал, что ему взять за них, оружие или персонажей, а не как сейчас рандом.

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This is a very good suggestion, (sorry if Google botched the translation)

I’m sure there is a reason they’ve capped it, like they capped everyone’s rosters. Allowing every player to hoard that many trainers would take up a lot of space.

We’ve been managing with 500-600 roster slots until now but suddenly we need 7500 trainer spaces? :roll_eyes:

Umm, good point. Not being a Beta tester myself, I haven’t really thought that deep into it, but thought that this is needed for the management of changing toons into XP trainers (BO not being Burt). Upon a second glance, you’re right, we should be well able to work with a 200-300 roster space for “actual toons” (all s-class, 6* and useful 5* for old school arenas and scavenger missions, as well as source of renown) so rest can be used for temporary toons before they get converted to trainers and additional 500 “inventory” for all toon-converted-to-trainer types + some limit on the actual trainers (burts to bennies) at maybe 200-300 tops…

Since the current limits are at 250 per trainer type, I think the inventory is well manageable compares to the cureent status… And could eventually be extended with coin purchase (similar to roster cap) if someone had to stash way more…

Just the low grade (BOs and BAAs, is it?) might eventually extend to 400 and 300 respectively as they will drop the most…

I’m sure they will find a way to monetize it either through coin increases or Survivors Club. But they probably want to keep it lower for now to see how the new system works.
Either way it’s a lot more storage space than we currently have.