25.0 Quick Update Discussion Thread

Let us know what you think about the quick update here!


Looking forward to the Benedict to Eugene conversion @TayTron. Hoping it plays out as it reads on the initial 25.0 update.

Excellent info, thanks.


Yay, xp boost to all trainers is greatly appreciated. Thank you


if benedicts are worth ~9x the xp of new 5* trainers, but the cap on new 5* trainers is 250, does that mean the xp required to level toons is coming down as well? because as it stands the conversion and caps as advertised make no sense.

also, i have 1500 benedicts and am NOT happy.

Bennies are worth 12k XP and a normal 5* is 1260 XP (1512 with persona bonus). The new 5* trainer will therefore be at 1386 XP

Yes @TayTron. Much better. Good job!

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I’d say “better” but reserve the “much” for later judgment. Still a bit disappointed that persona is not a filter toggle or maxed skills (rush active) not a checkbox toggle either… especially as seeing if your toon is maxed needs extra clicks on the report card.

Also there is still no info regarding Alexandria, Magna’s base and Kingdom… with the removal of persona rush option, the territory boost becomes useless… can we get them converted to additional XP boost like NTD/Factory?


Fair. Still - it’s now an upgrade rather than a downgrade. A small step in the right direction but it’s at least in the right direction rather than 180 the other way.

They showed here: https://thewalkingdeadrts.scopely.com/2020/06/11/25-0-update/

that brian will be worth 1320 xp, but my point remains that if the new 5* trainers are worth ~1/9 the xp of the old 5* trainers, and we can have fewer 5* trainers, the cap is ridiculously low without an xp requirement adjustment.

the slider thing seems cool enough for people who need/want things simplified but the trainer caps seem absurdly low and designed to favor whales winning all level ups like everything else in this game.

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I think the new boosts for territories are live in game already. Just not as written.
Magnas- player xp
Alexandria and kingdom are extra wood and scav camp success


Yeah we been using Magnas for a little while

The trainers have a cap of 250 each. Considering a normal roster was at 500-600 (depending on player level/roster purchases) and 1k extra for SC, I don’t see the trainer cap all that bad. You also don’t have to convert your toons to trainers before you’re ready…

The only problem is people who have stashed insane amounts of trainers, i.e. are maxed out on roster space, since they will have just 7 days to make use of them. If you’re one of them, I’m sorry - go win the next 3 level ups then play like all other players


The new trainers are completely separate to the current trainers. The new ones are what toons you want to use as level up fodder are converted to. You don’t need to be able to store thousands of them, you can just convert them as you go.

As for the rest of the trainers 500 of each should be more than enough for most people. Just because you’re a hoarder doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the amount they’ve given us.

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Announcement says:

Upon launch of the feature, players will be allowed to exceed their inventory caps one time when all Trainers are moved to the inventory.

So you can keep the excess indefinitely, you just won’t receive any new trainers (except trainers you’re not maxed out on, of course).

And even if you don’t want to lose out on a lot of trainers, you have a lot more time than 7 days - Most trainers (although not all, the announced trainer event and a few others might work differently) are from missions, boxes or tournament rewards. You have 30 days to claim them (indefinitely for boxes), and then 7 days to claim the spillover if you’re still full then, so over a month.

Wait, should I be using all my Benedicts and Basil’s to not lose a majority of their levelling value?

No the levelling value of your existing trainers will not change. The lower value is for the new trainers. They’re in addition to the current ones not a replacement.

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K, thanks

Me after this thread
Waiting for update.

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Improvement, but does it fall short of what we have now with trait bonus🤷🏼‍♂️

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