24 hr solo xmas sr




Nope, there goes my hopes of getting Wyatt. Would be at least 1500 short even if I tried.

(life of players :frowning:)
–> Im too weak for events
–> I need stronger players
–> $pend? If not, go away, complete milestones for rewards
–> Need to top leaderboard for milestones
–> Too weak for events for milestone prizes
–> Proceeds on the road to survival


Thanks for posting. I really need the Lilith (in fact in need about 25). But i definitely wont be playing this game tomorrow.


Crap rewards especially on Christmas,

Hopefully scopley get a visit from the 3 ghosts and wake up tommorow realising they have been well Scrooge’s and we all recieve

8 benedicts 1 of each refill , Lilith, Ulysses and an Aden as a free gift.


I like how subtly sr can changed for radio, almost same color even, amazing.


SR on Christmas… for real? :woman_facepalming:t3:


Guess scopely bought this christmas gift for themselves.


Hmm :thinking: I’m thinking that if I try for this then my family will think I’m on drugs cause I would be avoidant to them while I focus on the game and not about them hassling me about what I’m not doing with my life.

I’m in a pickle here…

Play this game for more scraps and not talk to my family.
Play fun board games and have to explain things to family what I’ve been doing with myself this year or what I haven’t done this year.

Hmm… roll at 7 or higher to have me play on Christmas @discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 6, 4


Thanks @discobot for making me have my family wonder what’s wrong with me


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.



Wow, garbage prizes. You would think they would give something easy on SR. Can wait to see the ________ in my region going for first on Christmas.


That sucks. I’ve had him for a week. Lucky to be in a top 2 war faction and we are all f2p.


We used to have to beg scopely for new events, not advocating we go back to that but a day with no event wouldn’t kill them. Even just an additional day on the faction level up, but sr is the event that requires the most babysitting if you’re not burning a ton of sr cans.

And we all know tons of people are not going to not participate on account of not wanting to lose any competitive advantage.


You couldn’t get top 100 in events?


Nah mate get krampus to visit hell take all of scopleys money back to the underworld


yea… I dont know whether its just me… Last solo lvl up I finished top 100 with 1.1 mil, and I have nothing left this time.

I think my region is pretty active, to be honest. I dont have alot of characters to level in the first place, running out of 5*s actually. Tips will be appreciated…

I would say my team is decent, but without a lengendary yet, so its quite hard to put up a fight in sr tourneys and war.

(is yumiko worth ascending?)


Imo her stun is more valuable than burn


I really like my Yumiko. Her burn has saved me countless times. I am still debating on t4.