24 hours raid milestones

I was hoping @kalishane or someone from the team could shed some light on the milestone amounts for 24 hour raid compared to 2+ day events.
We have the exact same milestone in a 24 hour raid as we do for a full 2 day+ event. Now there are many threads on here already debating whether or not the 4200 milestone is even worth the price (Benedict and 800k food) but how is that even attainable in 24 hours? I average 21 trophies per victory so to get 4200 that equals 200 raid victories. Natural energy in 24 hours equals 32 free raids. So you are looking at roughly 30 raid cans in a 24 hour period.
Before everyone says you don’t always have to hit every milestone and can sit out an event or two, how can you justify spending that many cans over such a short period for such little return?
I believe a few weeks back they actually did correct this for 1 24 hour raid event. I can’t remember the actual last milestone but it was significantly less than 4200.
Is this an oversight by who ever decides on milestones to not quantify milestones based on time given to event? Or do they actually think it is feasible for people to do this? Yes the final milestone shouldnt be easy and not everyone should be able to complete it but it also should be worth the reward if you do complete it. And a Benedict and 800k food is not worth 30 raid cans. So if 4200 is intended to be the final milestone for 24 hours, at the very least the reward should be improved.


I agree. I already find doing 4200 in 48 hours hard let alone to do it in 24 hours. And I find doing all that work just to get a Benedict not worth it. This needs to be addressed. @kalishane can you let us know if this is something that is being talked about and hopefully will be addressed?


Pretty sure it was 2100

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Easy just skip this event not worth the refills

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The last thing scopely should want is people taking events off. Where is the profit in that?

Lower milestone or higher prizes for 24 hour events would give us some incentive to actually compete. Bet a lot of people would buy refills if they wanted to hit a milestone and were close if the rewards were worth it. Its good for us because we’d get better rewards and its good for them because some people would spend a bit more if a milestone was in reach or the reward was more desirable.


Use the event to stock up on the right side hearts while getting those trainers and food bags… whether that’s worth all the cans is open to debate. I somewhat doubt reaching 4000 hearts without using a few cans here and there over the lifetime of the event.

Nah they’ll be easy. I’m over 2k with no cans a day in.

Edit: 2k hearts not 2k raid points. I agree the 2100 a few weeks ago was more appropriate - I actually burnt cans for that

Thats about all its good for right now. But I’m up to 1250 right side hearts from raids without using cans in 1 day. Dont think getting 4000 will require much use for cans.

I agree I find it pretty terrible that one week it can be 2100 in 24 hours and then in no time at all they pull that 4200 garbage in 24 hours what a slap in the face I’m not purchasing any cans or doing any more than the free this event and I just got benedict with 4500 points the other day

I believe that this event is only on for 23 hours in fact. Makes it even more difficult to hit those milestones.

Congrats on getting better drops than me, I’m getting elite item tokens more than half the time. Since this is the only raid event to overlap with the heart event, if you want ‘something’ back for your raiding besides rep, then this is the better time to raid.

Like I said I haven’t purchased any cans I’m only using the ones that they give every few hours and my traps have been nice my last six cans hits for me gave me 4 Red hearts out of six

when I hit 1200, almost fell into sleep… decided no more raiding. Milestone is too high.

Starting to think there’s really no more reason for anyone on here to post and tag shane. This is just pathetic.


Yeah I’m starting to wonder the same thing. Why isn’t she letting us know at least something?

milestones are too high! Some week ago for 24h it was 2100. Why did you put 4200???
The first one of my region is a cheater ( and i have proofs of it ).

What are you searching for? Pushing people to make the same?
Most of us want just the Benedicte. Not fight with some cheaters. And come on! 4200 need probably something between 6h and 8h for most of us. So 23h… ( 9h sleeping, 9h work, i have 5hours to do it without lunch, brush my teeth, without life ^^ ).

I managed to hit 4200 within a few hours (with cans of course)

few. It means 4h? :))

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Yeah… they just copy and paste events regardless of the time limit, it really shows you that this company doesn’t give a crap about its players.

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