24 hour tourneys


Why is every tournament not 24 hours? As a U.K. player, the current SR started at 10pm and will end at 7pm. I work from 8.30-4. I get home around 5pm. At best I have three hours to compete. Those 3 hours are my prime gaming time, as I have a daughter who doesn’t go to bed until 7.30pm. I’m not asking for special treatment because I have a family; I’m asking for all players to be treated the same and given the same opportunity, regardless of timezone, work school hours or other commitments.

Please just make every tournament 24 hours, or increments thereof. Including war (don’t even get me started).


100% agree 24 hour increments to tournament times please. No more 21, 18 or 36 hour tournaments


So we burn our cans up before leagues hit


24 hours is way too short for SR… Noooooo way.
Maybe other events but not SR.

This sucks.

Stop with the short SR tourneys!!


Limit events to 3 hours long sounds good to me. Some of you have no life and this game is all you do all day


No event shorter than 24 hours should be the standard. It makes it fair for every time zone.

In the beta SR was only 8 stages long per level. If they made this the standard format they could keep it to 24 hours all the time.

No one is getting top 10 without burning a ton of cans or top 100 now most likely due to transfers but at least this lets the rest of us finish it for the milestone rewards without having to spend.


Well technically, the amount of cans needed for top 10/100 is dependent on the fact that someone actually uses refills, completely flawless battles, and using every single free energy over the duration of the tournament.

So it’s really more about unnecessary inflation that causes people to burn a ton of cans for top 10/100. It’s the same with raids and LU.


By giving us shorter tournaments they can justify giving lesser rewards. Look at the most recent crw and the lack of GPS and canteens. It’s a choke out. They expect you to buy refills to finish. And they expect you to buy the gear they aren’t giving out as often.


This has been requested time and time again, but they’ve taken no notice. They aren’t about to take any notice now either. I’m a UK player too so I share your opinion.


Agreed. I’d much rather have 48hr with a minimum of 36hr. Of course they Advertised this as 48hr but once again pulled the rug out and screwed everyone besides the P2P.
I’m so sick of this crap!! They don’t care about putting out a good game all they want is more and more money. Short SR events prove that along with all the cash grab crap they throw at us like still no new Player Profile levels and 60+ days without a damn Legacy Toon but tons of promos.
I’m fine with them making money, that’s what they’re here for. But when making money takes priority over delivering a Functioning Fairly divided game that’s when we need to speak up and not with words :no_entry_sign::credit_card:



It boggles my mind that $cope-lie is almost begging me NOT to give them money. I actually WANT to - small coin packages, road bundles and a few other offers look good. I wouldn’t give them large amounts at once (expensive offers or big coin packages/big pulls) but they would get a good $50 a month at least. But not releasing legacy 6stars, making resources rare, short tournaments and things like anniversary-gate clearly shows it’s profit over everything else and I just don’t want to give money to a company like that. It’s a shame because it’s still a fun game.


I used to like sr would buy cans once in awhile but no more
Was looking forward to 2 day event but now will most likely only finish gold


This sr is 21h for me


Yes this is crappy. I think SR tournaments should last more or at least it would be a good idea to reduce each stage to maybe 15 areas (just in case it lasts 24hrs)


But then the cant sell as man cans, u see the problem there?
SR has been a pay2play event for some time, cant finish it unless u pay up and buy sr cans which u get one once a year for free


Haha wanker , it’s true but still your a wanker , I work 14 hours a day 7 days a week I still think 3 hour tournaments are to short 2 days so you can choose when to play



I stopped using cans with the introduction of 6*. I’m still holding 110 cans I think for about 1 year but not using them at all because of lack of unique prizes (remember when there was some premier 5* there…).
Common trainers (I consider Lilith, Ulysses this kind of prizes) are not worth using my resources.


I think they do this to deliberately annoy people.
They operate on the principle that angry people are engaged people.


I got about 6 cans in last year…