24 hour suspension

Can someone explain this new 24 hour suspension? We had a faction mate get one and we have no idea why?

Did they happen to break any of the rules they put on the chats?

Same happened here. I can only offer solidarity, not answers. Scopely couldn’t either

So. The 24 hour suspension is punishment for breaking scopelies rules. It is a suspension that lasts for 24 hours.
So, in summary, it’s a suspension from gameplay for 24 hours.


I have a faction mate who got this. Hasn’t sent an in-game message, used Faction Chat or Global Chat since the weekend - so zero opportunity to have been banned.

Either the ban hammer is targeting innocent players, or it is being used as a tool to get people banned…

This is exactly what i said would happen


He said it was for cursing and someone reported him… this game is full of violence blood and swearing … and he got suspended for saying a bad word??? W that actual duck is going on around here??
Can’t wait to see everyone report the number one faction durning war and you wake up on a Saturday locked out for 24 hours


Can you please clarify if it’s suspension from the game or only from chatting within the game?

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when you click on the additional info im sure there is a reasonable information on why the account was suspended… it needs to be this way, its scopely :rofl:

It just shows some generic “terms of service” type statement. Here is a list of everything which might have been why you were banned.

was thinking more of a “there are no additional informations at the moment, come back later for additional information”…


I was expecting some nice bit of Lorem Ipsum.


Oh okay, so now ban people for expletives that are used even in the game’s story.

What next? Ban people who have over 10k coins because the system thinks they bought from VK?

To be fair, Scopely’s codes have shown to be stupidly primitive one too many times.


Looks like everyone better start watching what they say…

Suspended from game while there’s a current tournament going for the road rage collection is beyond stupid. Give me a break.


That’s rather odd… I’ll follow this one up, thank you for surfacing.

It’d be good to gather some player details that have gone through it, thanks!



I will have him send it to you asap. Thank you JB

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