24-Hour Survival Road Tournaments

Scooely, for those in your player base that can’t afford or simply do not want to pay for SR refills, 24-hour tournaments are difficult to get far.

My suggestion is having 2 simultaneous tournaments - one easy, bronze through gold - one hard, gold through legendary. Completion rewards would remain the same but there could be 2 ranking systems. This would help out all players get farther and really help newer players get some decent rewards. At least for me, I’d be more inclined to buy refills with having a better chance of finishing it.

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Or just not have short tournaments all together. These blitz type tourneys need their own reward gear system.

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If you can’t/won’t pay for refills, then you should probably lower your expectations. There’s no requirement to finish everything there is to do in this game.


Exactly, come on people, you don’t have to finish every tournament and get the top prizes every time.

They need revenue from the game, and these tournaments make people that want the top prize spend on refills, it’s fair.

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