24 hour sr tourny


Please stop with your money grab 24 hour sr tourny a. They are completely stupid.


Yes.you cant even finish legendary bcs its too many cans so thwn you cant get extra cakes and its stupid like you said.
@JB.Scopely can we get cans for sr?(not offer but rewards)


It’s always 23 hours when it starts on a Sun. The level up rewards were acceptable and the raid rewards were absolutely pathetic this weekend.

Even the solo SR this week was unbeatable for free. Free is not a word in the big S’s vocabulary.

edit - Apparently it’s a solo SR even though the calendar says Faction. Smh.


Survival road tourneys are a breeze, I love it when they come up.


Just glad its not a faction one so i can quit after silver and not feel bad for doing so


Speaking of which, when did it change from faction to solo?



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