24 hour events must stop!

@GR.Scopely Please take it to the team that raids and sr events need to be longer than 24 hours, this will help people on all timezones who have jobs, school, etc and people will still burn and buy cans


Need to be a week long IMHO, I’m only disposable 2 days per week @TayTron

Thats the point. With a little amount of time available if you want to go foward you gonna need spend $$$. Scopely logic :wink:

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Ftp players r not gonna spend either ways

2 day raid people will get to a 1000 free and decide to close the rest with cans. No-one bothers after 24 hours and you’ve only got 300 / 2400

They sure in the hell do!!! Same goes for Survival Road events. All events should be 2 days No More, No Less.

Always on multiples of 24 hours none of these stupid 1 day 16 hours events or 2 day 8 hours.

Just go 48 hour events and leave it at that

This. Definitely


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