24 hour blitz wars?


Scopely please introduce this. Here in the UK war started at 11pm and will end at 4pm today. I had to stay up until 1am last night just to hit my 20k milestone as war will end before I finish work. We have a lot of European players in my faction who we in a similar situation and as a result are will not finish anywhere near where we usually do on the leaderboard. Please make blitz wars 24 hours so all players have the same opportunities.


UK always gets shafted on times. But why isn’t it 24hours?!


I’d imagine to allow a break between events.

Made comments about this a couple weeks back, anything that isn’t 24/48hr shafts Europe over. Starts too late to be useful then finishes before people finish work.

I seem to remember someone told me to suck it up and change my sleep pattern :joy:


This sucks big time! And yes @Ianybob I was there, too. We‘ve been told to be dedicated. lol


Not like anyone in the uk works during the week or needs to sleep in scopey opinion :thinking:, 24 hours would of been enough I could of done more after work. :grimacing:


Many times players have asked Scopely to make all events last a minimum of 24 hours, for this very reason, but clearly they are not interested in making the game a level playing field. I’m in the UK too and went to sleep before the war started. By the time I logged in this morning there were less than 7 hours to go in the event. Just another reason to never get involved in another Scopely game once this one breathes its last.


Also in the UK.
Every war now for ages war has started either 11pm or 12am. And finished 6am on a Monday morning. Only get 2 evenings to war. And as for this blitz war what a joke. Will probably get about 3 wars in total. We lose out yet again. :-1:


I agree, also based in the UK.

Who on earth thinks a 16/17 hour event is fair on a global game? @kalishane @Spyder

War started after I went to sleep, woke up to find I had about 90 minutes to hit milestones & get to work and then of course war ends before my shift does.

Fortunately I’m a professional loafer and sit around the office all day doing fuck all so have been able to hit the milestones + some & really help my faction, but not every is as lucky as me to get a Phd in delegation.


Based in Europe. This is bullshit. People can’t play at night and during working hours, and even those who could sneak in a few minutes can’t play because the others in the faction can’t. Why not let things like this run 23/24 hours so that everyone has at least a reasonable chance to get the milestones?


I’m living in UK as well, but today I have a back shift and manage 17 wars this morning :grinning::grin::grinning::sunglasses:


I completely agree, also in the UK. I didn’t get the chance to play a single war because I was asleep when it started and still at work when it ended. Very unfair, didn’t get a chance at all to reach any milestones or stock up on resources.


I noticed it was after business hours start time and ended before they start work… So if any problems happened they could just be at home having a beer or sleeping… Scopely doesn’t see why EU players times are so wrong… :grin: (this is a joke)


Because they Cater to the US mainly. Us in the uk & Europe are always forgotten about. Have to stay up till daft times just to get on the scoreboard… another one coming up as well :expressionless:


Its about time we see some wars starting times in favor of Europe.


Sucked for us over here too. Most of the play time were sleeping hours. They need to make every event 24, 48 or 72 hours. Then no one can complain because it’s fair. They do not know the meaning of this word so they will continute to screw us all over at every opportunity.


Exactly, should deffo be 24 hours minimum, keeps it fairer regardless of timezone then.


You slept for 15.5 hours?

*nevermind. The comment makes sense, you had only 90 minutes before work, not 90 minutes before end of tourney


This will be wrong, people will still complain because the start time won’t be to their liking.
“They have two day and one night but we have two nights and a day” type of stuff. No way to make everyone happy all the time


That’s true and sadly unavoidable but keeping it to 24, 48, and 72 is the closest we can get to being fair for everyone and yet they still pull the crap that they do. It also really doesn’t help that they are constantly making last minute changes to the schedule either. The game is absolute trash right now and I don’t see it getting better because they don’t want to. I tried to be positive and hope things would turn a corner. It’s not happening.


They had a couple months of progress in turning the tide of the game, things have stalled out here in the RTP event. Far to few tokens is only the surface of issues.
I agree, a standard 24/48/72 is good. We begged for tha calendar so i don’t complain about that because at least we have a heads up. My problem is they update it late or inaccurately