24 days too long for scavenger mission cooldown


It takes up that slot for 3.5 weeks. It’s just too long.

It’s been said before, but scavenger camps need an overhaul.

I searched scavenger to try and put this one in an appropriate thread, but didn’t find anything. Sorry if made a dupe, but someone needs to talk about this.


Wow, that’s ridiculous.


multiple 7 day long waits multiple 14 day waits and i have that one in there too…but YGL nope not there… i can have it 24 days out and never have a YGL… I feel your pain


Cheers is even worse, think it is a full month


Mine looks like this the majority of the time now, had one in cooldown for 21 days… it’s clearly broken if there is 15 missions in cooldown, these need switched with missions you can actually do…

Please fix!!! :flushed:


Or just make the list longer so you can actually see ones you can do.


my camps stayed idle since no missions left to do for 2 days and today i did only 1 mission and aborted 2 and now 1 more day of no missions, sigh.