23-8 Character Drops Disappeared

I have been farming 23-8 for the last 5 days or so and all character drops have stopped. I farm with tokens and without. Drop leader and non drop lead. I was getting 2 stars, occasional 3 or 4 star and sometimes a Lilith. Now I am getting nothing at all. Was there a change I missed or is this a bug? @kalishane

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Your roster is full…


I cleared it out and some began dropping again. That’s a ridiculous change lol

Did they actually change it so if your roster is full toons wont even drop?
Cause my roster is always full, I still see toons drop. I just don’t get to keep those toons.

They never drop for me if my roster is full. I sometimes like to farm with a full roster because it gives me more survivors if I’m building up my training grounds.

The last SR Tourney we had, I found Negan and when I checked my roster, he wasn’t there. And I haven’t had a full roster in weeks when I was training commoners like crazy.

Only toon that drops with full roster is Lilith… the others have never dropped.

Wait…is that a good way to farm Lilliths?

I havent been getting any Liliths, using a bunch of cans even

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Characters will drop regardless of roster being full or not. Getting those characters, however, will matter depending if your roster is full or not. This hasn’t been changed and is working the same way since for ages. Lillith is the only exception where you’ll still get her regardless if your roster is full or not.

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Thank you. I was starting to think I was crazy since everyone else was saying toons don’t drop at all if you roster is full.

You’re lucky. I’ve farmed that stage for a week straight and haven’t gotten a single one.

On top of the drop leaders we do try to use the territorial bonus as well

I got 4* Eric today. Days before I got 2 Carloses and 1 Amy from 23-8.

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