23.1 Discussion Thread

Let us know what you think about the 23.1 Update here!


Somebody can say is already safe to finally download the new update?

I can not choose which gear boxes I want to open as they have all been stacked together and don’t know if I’m being stupid but I can’t seem to scroll through them. Anyone else have this issue.???

Hey all,

If you were on the 23.1.0 beta version, you’ll need to update to 23.1.1 for the stacking to work properly, otherwise you may see multiple choice boxes with different contents stacked.


I think the stacking of the choice boxes in our inventory is a good step in the right direction. It is a pain to have to scroll through all those boxes to ge to the ones you want. Good job with that update.


Is it a slow rollout because I am not seeing an update available?


Sometimes it can be, depending on your platform and your location. It should become available in the next few hours if you aren’t able to see it currently. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks @TayTron :slight_smile:

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Are they stacked by the same content or will we have to open every crate & bag to find what we’re looking for?

Well i’ll be damned, found some hidden shard boxes. Thanks @TayTron


Great update! Makes the inventory more organized. Could you pretty please do the same for all the gear crates? thanks!

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My game updated 2 days ago… I’m missing trainers, ALL of my Michonne crates… my gear. In the gear crates I have here it says there are only radios and watches inside (905 of them)… Where did my tripods and everything else go? Also there is no new update available right now.

I did take a Screencast of my support ticket and there was no answer given besides they don’t know when I’ll be getting these things back and they are working on it. During level up how do I compete?


yet we still cant view whats in the boxes???

Once you have updated to 23.1.1 check to see if your problem is fixed. The newest update is supposed to sort it all out. You will have to be patient as each separate app store rolls out the update.

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While I am part of the beta group, my version. Is still 23.1.0 and the play store is not offering 23.1.1 as an upgrade. I guess I need to wait a little longer

The update is cool and all…

But where’s S Class Kenny?


Is it safe to download, and it’s awesome to see scopes interacting here👍

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As a true Kenny follower, you should know that you have to be patient. Kenny needs to find the boat first, so he can sail out into our rosters… :smiley:

Not yet downloading the update, since none of the listed bugs bothered me all that much and I keep an Excel list of my crates for the time being. Will wait and see if any new issues pop up first.

But massive thanks to @TayTron for the post and then actually chiming in on the discussion. Are you covering for Tex? Because (at least as far as the forums go) you’re already making a much job of it than he was since 11-Mar…


No update in my play store yet :frowning: Maybe it’s time to open my 20 Michonne crates just in case

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Sair do beta é o melhor, a única vantagem nossa é sofrer com os bugs abreviadamente, eles nem testam nada direito nesse beta