22 offers - WTH

Maybe is scopley spent more time with the game code instead of those insanely priced offers, the players would have a better game.


we had 25 2 weeks ago, scopley is slowing down

I heard if you buy all 22 offers JB shows up in your living room with fresh half baked baguette bread, slaps you with it as he whispers in your ear in French “you dirty opportunist you!”


1300 shit glasses = 2700$ if you get 24 glasses per 49.99$ offer. I don’t blame scopes, its the peeps that are willing to spend that much on these Bs offers. They even got their own roadmap. #keepspending

Or you complete the event mission for 32 keys and everyone does the roadmap which gives 53 shot glasses if completed, negating the need to buy offers unless goin for Martinez?


That’s true, but you still have to buy keys and your full faction would have to participate and finish it. Seems a bit much

The keys are free if you get them through the mission. 32 of them in fact. No buying of anything at all. Enough to do the challenge map in its entirety. If it’s a faction full of people who you say would spend $50 on a shot glass offer then they should be able to get 25 people to complete the challenge map, no? And that’s without factoring in anyone who got lucky gettin some from act 2 of the daily map.

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Funny as shit there :joy:

I stand corrected, thanks lurk.

That’s a hell of a martini

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I had 34 the other night seems like a couple were repeats. Kind of silly really

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