21 hrs SR when calendar stated more than 24 hrs


Here is the link to the calendar and times (start and end). Scroll to the bottom to see the schedule with start/end time.

Was this a game error or a clerical error?


We all should know by now that we can’t take anything they say serious.


Subject to change™




I’m not even sure why people are surprised anymore. Every week at least one event starts at a different time or is shorter than shown on the calendar. Basically the calendar is a good guideline of what to expect but cannot be take verbatim.



I remember the server error message saying to wait for “the walkers to be cleared out of the server room”. Maybe the live ops guys who put together these tournaments were those walkers and needed to be removed from the sever room before they destroyed the game lol


just another desperate attempt to milk cash out of us expecting everyone to buy cans. Also the fact that there are what like 10 stages in bronze with reflect damage to try to catch veterans who auto off gaurd is a fkn joke. Theyre punishing the players that go hard and forcing the fun out of everything


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