20k Coins for everyone

It appears that you either get lucky with 20k coins more than once or get nothing at all.

Scopely engine appears broken and it can’t be pure luck that the same people are being rewarded multiple times.

Scopely should send everyone 20k who have open at least 8 crossbones and received no coins.


So they can lower the odds more in the wheels when we pull, maybe introduce 3* back as a special event




Well the sooner you realise that their “Super Secret RNG” is that it is by no means random the sooner you’ll just enjoy the game more. Think about it almost 4½yrs into the game hundreds of characters the odds of getting the same ones over and over and over and over, it should be rarity not the norm.
Think about it every time you get that same 3*,4*, and 5* back to back that come out of wheels, even when they come out in the same order. Ex- 5* Abe then 5* Bruce then 5* Richard then repeat.
Unless someone is going to try and spin this as luck and is really just random, the truth is they don’t have the developers or skill to program a non bugged game can they really program something like randomness?


I’ve only gotten 20k once and I opened up 11 crossbones so this is not true. It’s the luck of the draw.


I’ve done 10 and gotten it twice.

14 crossbones 1 20k

“Rng is tied to your account code” from a dev who has since disappeared and all devs silenced :thinking:


Well almost any rng code contains a seed or two

Rng is a lie lol people are baffled by my weapon “luck” my account gets good weapons but that is just rng huehuehue :man_shrugging: :roll_eyes:

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Tin foil hat post


Haven’t pulled a promo since Connie was released. So after all this grinding of the past 10 months (while always the same people pull promo after promo) I can proudly say I’ve deserved to pull 2 times those crates. But hey, I didn’t pull any useful toon of these 40k coins… Aside of Aaron, Connor and 2 x Maggie. Lmao!!!

How is it too foil hat?
The writing is on the wall!

Like how2zombie said his account gets good weapon crafting while I run armory 24\7 with all things to help succeed, yet going on 6+ months without anything good. Also been doing 2 of the same for 4 months and no luck.
Same goes for pulls it’s going on 1 in 30+ I’ll finally get a new to me character. Even years ago when I spent it would be even worse like 1 in 500\1000 pulls.

i had winnings of 2200 dollars from a slot machine last weekend but my friend plays them all the time and she does not ever win i think it is a conspiracy


So you’re saying this game is a gambling app?

I would say it’s poor programming, I would even bet that they don’t even add a 0 or 1 to all characters so they can be had in the so called RNG. Way easier to not do anything or add just the figure in the wheels without actually coding them in.
This is scopely they don’t have support, the design teams and developers working are few and far in-between.


She obviously plays at the wrong time then. :joy: Slot machines have to pay out after a certain time, these are legal regulations in every country which allows gambling.

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If i showed people my weapons lol they would shit i have multiple of every weapon perfect except for 8% ap gain and ap down for reds but that is what i am working on now while some dont have 1 stun after years and years, id say i get a perfect weapon at least once a week, people even call me a hacker, i tell them rng is bs, my account was marked for good weapons :man_shrugging: just like when you use up all your mod scraps and an offer pops up, nothing is random lol

If you play the same slot machine long enough it has to pay out unless it is rigged.
Slot machines don’t run on odds it by flow in flow out of cash. Once a slot machine takes a certain amount of money it then will pay out a certain amount. Rng is nothing like this.


RNG is a game term that is an acronym for “random number generator”. Random number generators (or, more correctly, pseudorandom number generators) are algorithms used in computing when an outcome needs to be as random as possible. A computer can’t generate completely random numbers on its own, so it uses a complex algorithm designed to get as close to random as is practical.”


He had a change of heart :rofl: guess him being locked out for war really did it

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