2020 region transfers

Does anybody know when we are able to transfer regions? Or has scopely not said anything yet?

They haven’t said anything definitive. After WOC for sure, which would put it late Feb at earliest

Ahhhhh damn… Guess I’m stuck in a dead region till then :unamused::unamused:. Thanks!

GR said he’s gonna say something about transfers around the beginning of next month

Wat region u in bud?

Speaking of regions…

Are there any wave 2 regions that are somewhat active and not filled with whales or wanna be whales?

I’m wave 3 its a decent region and everyone gets along for the most part

You looking for a fac?

That’s cool. Stay there as long as you can! :joy:

Maybe looking to move like half a faction. :thinking:

Wat region u in now?

A pretty dead wave 2 one. :joy:

Lol oh have u tried scoping out wave 1

Yes lol. Not going there!

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Dont blame ya lol well if u wanna go wave 3 come check out albert k bud and good luck with ur searchin

Lol. I probably would if I could. Can’t go backwards in waves though.

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Only thing you find in wave 1 :rofl:


True story! :joy:

I didnt know that bud. Maybe eventually they will allow it sooner or later. I been wave 3 never left YET lol

Yep. It kinda sucks. That’s why you should think about where you’re going. I do feel sorry for the people who are trapped in wave one, but I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that shit.

And thanks man!