2020 glasses useless to non spenders

Why the hell would they put on a p2p event such as this where the item they give out free is useless to the majority of there player base no Christmas present no new years present that’s just bullshit

Technically they’re not free you’re paying for them as part of your survivors club subscription. You’re just not spending enough for Scopely’s liking so they want you to pay for the apples as well.


Non spenders don’t get the glasses


There is a free portion to the event, though underwhelming.

There is a paid portion of the event where those that already pay monthly get a free daily item to unlock the maps where they have to further spend to complete the map. It’s a terribly stupid set up. But non spenders don’t get the glasses, they aren’t a free item.

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I think SC members should of got to run that map for free it would of at least represented some value to the subscription


I’m one of them suckers just cause I’ve been keeping it for the comic collections but I have 8 glasses sitting in my inventory cause there was no way in hell i was paying more for something the members should of been at least gave some apples to do a portion of the map or at least make it to where the members could get the 2 130 collectable boxes

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If you haven’t cancel your membership after seeing the recent events… you are a sucker. Don’t complain.

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I cancelled after I got that 100 comic collection cause it helped me get aarav

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