2020 and still 37% for 4-stars in Premiere Wheel?

It’s 2020, these 4-stars have been useless in the game for the past 5 years now.

Either get rid of them from the pricey $$$ premiere wheel or lower their odds while giving higher odds to 30% chances for Collection Cards instead. Players spending on Premiere wheel should be getting more Collection Cards over 4-star junk.


Nah. They should increase the four star odds.

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And also bring back 3-stars right

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Yes ma’am indeed

With how bad 2020 has been, don’t expect 2020 in this game to get any better either.

It sucks, glad I very very rarely pull

Remember when pulling from Premiere Wheel used to be fun when 3-stars were the main meta and the DOG TAG system was still being utilized?

There was strategy involved mixing 3* with 4* and 5* in a team. So even if you don’t pull a 5* you still felt your money was spent nicely if you got a good 3* or even pulling 4* was sometimes better than a 5* because they had more universal leader skills and you could fit more 4* in a team.

Now… premiere wheel is just a money grab with 0.6% chance to pull something great and everything else is crap to junk.

Make Pulling Great Again!

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I remember those days. In particular when my only 5star was Blue Richard and I think I had a Blue Carson lead, 4star Blue line attack Andrea, some other Blue Line attack and then I waited for 4star Andrea to come up again on a 5star wheel so I could have 2 of her in a team.

my team was like 4 star mark lead, red 106 ar maggie, 5 star andrea, 4 star crit rick, chad
lol i had no idea what i was doing

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Yes, it’s time we bumped it to 40% and make a nice round number.

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I remember doing more pulls for 4* Jesus than I did for 5* Michonne. I think 4* had a little more value because it meant you can use a full team of all 4* whereas if you have a 5* you could only use 2 and the rest would be 3*.

So I agree that back when the game started, there were really no bad pulls. Obviously some were better than others but the characters you got were useful. Totally feels different than it is now.

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If you dont like it dont pull and dont spend


Since there is no true game mechanics to utilize 4* toons (last rarity map restriction for 3* and 4* characters was over a year ago) and the converted XP is way too low, I also see no use for these to make appearance on the wheel any more…

5* make use for oldschool rules (arena, hordes), the roadmap restrictions (pretty frequent nowadays again), and if you got a couple full-fledged old school teams ready, you can still use them for ascension fodder…

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