:roster: 2019 Legacy Ascendable List



Just putting it out there but that Rosita is never ever getting done.

Shes the one they ended up handing out to everyone that bought something when they screwed up an gave the deal to all instead of just the fresh fish.

Something about if you spent at all or like 5 bucks you got her for free.

You know they are salty as fuck when they give anything so she is toast i would say…


teresa is the one of most charismatic char


So is there a definite list of ascendeable and which ones cause i c people posting different ascendeable so i just want to know which ones and if those ones are definitely confirmed


Nothing is confirmed. This is all speculation


Which ones are actually being speculated cause I’ve seen so many people put up pictures or a list of toons. Just want to know which ones r being speculated


Until Scopely publish a list, all of them are speculation


On. I’ll just grab some from the supply store just in case


It’s just one people want to become ascendable


Just wait for the disappointment everyone…“Sorry guys we have decided not to do any more legacy ascendables in 2019 due to cost and effort. Merry Christmas.”


No more drop lead or useless chr


Yeah “harper” is the new teresa. Just like that Maggie that looked exactly like command Maggie from crw. They would rather create a new toon that mimics an old one so they can sell it. Plus thee rts tokens have given everyone tons of konrads, priyas, erins, amys, all the toons that were op back in the day so if they do ever make them ascenable they will be garbage.


Can we haz vernon???


Shield Chonne, Shield Lee, Revive Hershel & Glenn. Red Rick, OG Michonne… too many to name.


No love for SR Zeke?!? One of the best (if not THEE best) bones scopely ever tossed the f2p. Legendize his ass already!


I’d say anything available in the supply depot should get the six star treatment, including SR characters. This would give everyone a decent chance at collecting enough six stars to build viable teams in the lower to mid tier competition range.


I think on of these characters deserves a chance for ascending, please? :slight_smile:


Honestly they would find a way to ruin him. Scopely would find a way to make him more useful as a 5* than a 6*.


What are the next ascendable?


I want those


my wishlist…