:roster: 2019 Legacy Ascendable List

Is publishing certain? Early Christmas present (please?) :bowing_man:

Some love for Revive Amy, Monica, Erin and Command Maggie? Any others?


I think Erin was in the first list at some point, but I might be wrong :confused:

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The leaked stats for Knox are an absolute joke…can we PLEASE have some thought and not mirror Viktor…thanks.


Screenshot_2018-12-07_112449 Screenshot_2018-12-07_112435

This is my proposicion.
Kate for good 6* anti human shield.
Michone/lee free 6* human shields
Sr zake huge Ap for everyone
Armored shiva Huge Ap for greens/yellow
Command maggie first yellow command with bonus hp for all
Red rosita she just looks amazing as a 5*
Morgan. he war great characrer in 5*era make him great again
Hershel f2p revive with execucion
siddiq First double revive in game


There will not be any legacy ascendables I bet. For those who keep playing the game in a competitive way since the 6* era should find that most the recent legacy ascendables were not useful. The design of the legacy 6*s are so average that even the free toons given out are way better.


I also dont think there will be any more. Took them long enough to work through the last list.


Anyone but make them in 2-4 months not 1 year…


There will never ever be a legacy or a ftp character released that will hold a candle to the ones going out on promos. That would not be fiscally sound. Nothing is changing it is only getting worse. I’m always surprised how people come here and complain about the legacy characters. Sure we paid good money back in the day for them and should get at least a small usable return on that investment but that’s not the Scopley way. It’s buy the new or keep surviving. The way the new promo characters are coming out each out op’ing the next that won’t be much longer if you are ftp. Find a dead region that all whales have abandoned where other ftp are going to retire and play at a different pace or quit. Trust me this will not be getting better at all it’s only going to escalate every week a new promo is released. Legacy characters will never be even half as useful as they were as 5*s. ESPECIALLY if they are going to be or were available as a FTP character.


Duane is a boss. Rose is nice. Kenny was also welcome.

Looking back, many like Governor, Mirabelle, Carl, Tyreese, Wanderer and Glenn are still useful and relevant on attack and defence teams.

No, they rarely can be talked about as being close to premier toon standard, but is that surprising?


So war rewards? Seems like a limited view.


They arent strictly going to be limited to those obviously… These were my favorite to use once before.

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Mini gun vicktor
Decap ivanova
Waste not Glenn
Those would be quite nice


People are so pessimistic :confused:
I have a feeling there will be some new legacy toons next year.
Otherwise, it’s game over.
Or they can give us toons like Solange but in a different way

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I’d rather see the useless ones get their time in the spotlight and the decent ones.

AoW jesus
Reflex eugene


My Top 10 Picks would be:

  1. Ezekiel “Life and Death”

Before 6* were a announced. We only had Green Zekes and now we have everythink, but a Green Zeke. Also he’s the one giving Shiva Zeke his Epic Face.

  1. Carson “Life and Death”

I don’t have him, but want him really bad. He’s still a real threat if he rushes.

  1. Kenny “Around Every Corner”

He was my Favorite character, before I knew about 4* Allen. Not only would it be a good optunity for a Green Collertal Damage II Character. It would been a represantation of Season 1 Kenny.

  1. Lee “No Time or Left” or Lee “Around Every Corner”

Honestly I don’t care about which Lee they pick. Just give him the Justice he deserves.

  1. Derek

One of the First Epics, remain forgotten. Derek’s a major antagonist in the Comics and deserves more than a forgotten 5* in Ascendance.

  1. Jackson

Outstanding Character and there would even be a perfect concept for his 6*. A full firefighter Outfit

  1. Tripp “Ties That Bind”

He was a Game Changer and set a new Healing Meta. Also he’s a Telltale Character.

  1. Darius “The Road to Survival”


  1. Audrey

Wanted her forever. Really cool Haircut and overall Design.

  1. Sawyer "Road to Survival

Sawyer’s literally the coolest RTS Orgin Character in my opnion. Romanov, Ivanova and Davie already got the 6* Treatment (Even if there were New). What is taking so long?


Laziness ?


Can’t agree more with the xhoice of characters. :slightly_smiling_face:


why not just ascend priya since we have all these other op toons out lately

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Priya, Blue Shield Garrett, Red Shield Magna, yellow Sawyer, how about some ascendables from old premiers people spent hella money on once upon a time. That would be my vote.


my list:
jesus “ties that bind”
clementine “ties that bind”
magna “call to arms” only if they dont change her
davie(strong rainbow leader)
jesus “whispers into screams”
michonne “a larger world” if camo is kept
michonne “road to survival #2
negan “a new beginning”
edit- erin just cause i love her lead skill

i know a list of 10 would mean a quicker release pace than normal, but i can dream. lol