2018. what direction will scopely go

I play this game for almost 2 years now, and like most ppl we have had alot of ups and downs. the general community is not really happy. and tbh my motivation is not the same as it was.

My motivation is dropping with to many of the same events, bad rewards and most things are unsatisfying for the time u have to put up.

  • my biggest concern is, 2017 is almost over and there is no actual plan for 2018. can we expect the same slow improvment or will u guys be more transpire about new recruits, new events and improvements ?

  • War is the most satisfying event to play. but the rewards are lately really bad. most ppl want to win new epic toons instead of the mass tokens.

I understand u guys are behind in 6*. but tbh we here that for more then 3 months now.

wargameplay needs to be upgraded and make it more tactic.

let coining be no more then 12 times for the whole faction in one 8vs8 war.

to make sure coins will be flying u can add things. like buying some extra def att or ap bonus.

neverending milestone rewards.
it will be more motivating for ppl to put more time in it. i dont expect 6 liliths. but atleast give ppl something.

pls just drop the ghosting. everwhere most ppl in top30 are just ghosting.

i dont mind the amount of level ups. just some other events/roadmaps in between would be more satisfying.

it was a huge addon to this game, just to be left alone. only one extra territory was open since this started.
but this can be so much more involved in gameplay. like coin, trainers, guaranteed weapons or rare gear territories for certain times. u guys could expand this so much more.

overal i want some more region vs region events, or a region based event that u have to archieve some things together.

region merging. i hear it dident went well and alot of ppl who where merged where mad ??

so thats it. u make a big announcement and then nothing.
make some new regions. where factions can join as a whole from different regions. or make a simple yes/no vote for regions if they want to merge. or contact factions as a whole if they want to switch.
ppl need new faces or blood without the loss of your rooster

hopefully we will hear soon what plans u have for 2018 and will we just get a better game.


They will go to a bank

I really hope they do release plans on where they are heading, so that we know what to expect in the game 2018.

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the plan for 2018 is:

Keep Surviving


hey sorry, what i mean is. with all the negative respons on forum aswell ingame. it might be wise to say what direction they are heading. wich i dont know now

Plan for 2018? Make more money :joy::joy:


I disagree with the coining limit and the buying attack and defense aspect you mentioned. The number of times someone can coin should be completely up to the individual. Let them use their coins however they like. Buying attack and defense buffs aren’t the best ideas either, that’s kind of what towers are for. I also disagree with dropping ghosting, again, it is a way for an individual to maintain his reputation and not lose 25 rep every 2 hours. 100% agree with the rest, especially merging dying regions and letting players move their main account to another region.


problems for gold coins in war? you only leave them to 1 attack and cord attacks … is to easy

With where they are now, it’s hard to believe they could drive the game any further into the ground, but knowing scopely they will find a way.

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I mostly agree on part that is related to limiting heavy coin and cash influence directly on events (or in your case war repair limit). Preparing - OK cash in whales and whailings in whatever you want, pulls is definitely area you are wining, but buying events is actually what completely destroyed any meaning of competing and playing (endless repairs, everybody likes that). That is the main reasons why all events are weighted with “who will spend more” (except totally useless ones) and I really have no idea who can call it game like that.

I know what you mean but when you think about it… War is the main reason to even play the game.
The sole event of the game is war. You level up your toons for war. You spend every two weeks making teams for war. You craft weapons to put on your best toons to put in a war defense/attack teams. You raid to learn the ropes of war battles/attacks. Everything is based on war and it is the main event of the game so therefore what is the best tournament? Aside from casual players and those just hanging on by a thread mainly because of their faction & friends, next to no one is really playing for the every other two day solo level-up/SR tourney or twice a month faction level up/raid tournament. Sure they may be fun to certain people but I definitely don’t see it outscoring war on the amazing/ the best tournament scale, even for those people.


Happy HoHoHolidays!

I’m pretty sure the plan is how do they kill off this game so they can start a new Walking Dead! Maybe with a cool catchy name like Road to Redemption. Why else would they be trying so hard to be so shitty?

The words and phrases that get blurred and blocked daily (we can still see them) should tell you everything you need to know

I will tell you the future… they will speed things up around the first . Drop a few characters then sit back and watch the carnage unfold (by there opinions ) . Sadly the environment is now creeping death. It’s more about milking those left in a dying medium. Without growth there is nothing new . There plateau six star growth only works when enough buy in … the medium has fallen beyond sustainability. Without creating a new aspect in game the game is stagnating. The battle corrections are excellent but the content has dragged. If they were smart a new game aspect would drop around Jan 15 . Something chose ur own adventures like. Sadly I think most developers are moving to other mediums. Even if it’s sustainable it’s not growing … with out growth ( not a character leveled up) but true story/ content or aspect of play road of survival is a zero sum game … everyone dies eventually . They should switch to nonzero sum game .
Keep on surviving

Yea I did mean spend time… figuring out the best team with right weapons, etc etc

I agree with everything you said except ghosting. If i gotta lose 25 rep every 2 hours, then so should everyone else. It’s not like i wouldn’t like keeping my rep either, i just don’t feel abusing the system is the right move.

The sooner you realize this is a lie… it will start to make more sense. They are not behind at all in 6*s. They are done and finished with more than half of the next year for toons.