2018: Special Events


Events like Choose Your Side, Shiva Force, and The First Anniversary are the things that keep the activity going. There were some good events this year, some awful, some just okay. So while 2018 is far enough to give early input before any major developments go under way let’s get to it.

First a poll. Some random ideas, some inspired by previous events. Vote which ones you think you’d like to see next year.

Take a moment to read their descriptions before you vote:

-6* Drop Leader Wheel. Inspired by one of my favorite wheel events. It was another guaranteed 5* a little after the first anniversary but most of the characters in the wheel were medium drop leaders. This was during a time were casual players like myself had few 5s let alone a medium drop leader. 6s are now compatible with most, if not all, gear and farm maps. Let’s kick off the final stage of the transition into the 6* meta by doing away with those old 5* huge and medium drop leaders and move into 6* drop leaders.

-Guaranteed Ascendable Wheel. Pretty simple. By the time this event would role around there will be plenty of 6s to choose from but not everyone will have them. This wheel would be exclusivey 5s that are ascendable by the time of the event, some even gaining ascendance when the event begins. Some of them past premiere recruits, others common ascendables that people might not yet have.

-A New Beginning. Inspired by Choose Your Side, a multi collection event where you decide what shiny new character you end up with in the end but this time more choices, more communities. Choose Your Side was successful but it was too easy and the choice to choose the reviver was almost mandatory for most. Neither character ended up really being exclusive or feeling too special. 4 or 5 characters to choose from, each from a different community, instead of 2, with useful ARs, specialist and leader skills for today’s meta would be great at helping team diversity across regions and making your choice seem a little more special. The accompanying story would be traveling from community to community witnessing the regrowth that occurs after the war with the Saviors and your choice in the collections represents which community you want to settle down in.

-Legendary to the Max. Some of the past attempts at legendary gear events have been, dare I say, sad. This one… one wheel, lots of tokens, no BS, no filler. Just legendary gear and Benedicts. Canteens, GPSs, Radios, Watches, all the other t3 and t4 legendary items but NO FILLER CRAP. No 5* gear items, no burts, no basils. Legendary gear done right. So people that haven’t cheated, spent a whole lot, or gotten real lucky can finally t4 a 6*.

-Guaranteed 6* Wheel. That time is approaching. Maybe it’s already approached. Where the most satisfactory thing you can give is a straight up 6*. So similar to wheels in the past like Shiva Force, The First Anniversary, etc where you are guaranteed a character as long as you come up with enough tokens but for a 6*.

  • 6* Drop Leader Wheel.
  • Guaranteed Ascendable Wheel
  • A New Beginning: Choose Your Community
  • Legendary to the Max
  • Guaranteed 6* Wheel

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Now for some input on reoccurring special events that may not have been done so well this year.

The Third Year Anniversary…many would agree the Second Anniversary was the worst event of the year if not the second worst. Which is really, really sad because the First Anniversary was one of the best. Third times the charm, right? Do better in 2018. Do it like the first but for 6s in mind this time. Maybe adapt that guaranteed 6 wheel idea.:wink:

Lucille tokens… please let’s not bother having a wheel full of filler that lasts 30 days if we’re only going to get about 10 pulls through tokens spread sparingly throughout the events. The contents would have been forgivable wheel… if tokens has been much more generous.

Speaking of wheels… in general. It can’t be said enough putting hiking boots in a wheel or a 2* trainer or an alpenstock is just not what most people want to see.

That’s what I’ve got. Add anything you have to offer below.


Nice ideas, but you can expect the response from scopes to be similar to this…
Scopes will ignore you and show you where you can shove those ideas. :joy:


Very good suggestions. Scopely needs to especially look at the feedback for these past events regarding filler items like you mentioned. NO FILLER ITEMS in the wheels! It’s extremely frustrating getting farmable 3* and 4* upgrade gear on every pull and see people around you getting all kinds of good rewards. Every pull must feel like it’s worth something. This Lucille Patrol event had very few pulls for an event with the runtime of 40+ days, and the only good pull I had from it was a single GPS. Still not enough to T4 a 6* since I don’t have a canteen. The rest was all useless gear. I even consider the Tripods and Knife Sheaths useless at this point. I have enough of them for now.

Regarding the proposed events: In the current state of the game something like Choose your community would work best. The main thing other than Legendary gear items we need right now is diversity. Due to a lack of available 6* options (especially leaders) there is a severe lack of diversity in teams right now. A few good choices for leaders and other good 6* characters to choose from where people can make a choice on what character would fit best with the ones they currently already have would go a long way in making teams more diverse and challenging I hope.


Come to think of it, just a roadmap would suffice for the gear demand lol.


Honestly I don’t care to much what’s in the wheel, but what I get from this is the best events tend to be when the tokens are farmable and not locked away and hoping for it to occasionally turn up in tornaments or roadmaps, I completely forgot Lucille tokens where still a thing.
My favourite two events were the original anniversary and original telltale I grinded 6 5* from anniversary event, no cap allowed this to happen and it was great, and the the fact in telltale a pull may drop from a single raid, if you do these events stop putting them behind a pay wall, you will earn more from people paying for cans to farm than you will by making people buy them


I feel like before they tried to engage players with using cans for rewards and grinding out stages knowing there was something good coming. Now it’s like here’s bare minimum and we hope u just decide to out right buy more tokens or whatever is offered. Raids was always a great way to drop items. Have a week long event where everyday different things drops. 1 day I’d ascendance medals, 1 day is different supply tokens (survival road, supply depot, and faction assault) have another day where parts to a weapon drop…but make these things attainable. This famine or feast was basically you get 1 pull…even if u bought crates they offer a small.percent unless they drop turkeys in raid event. Either way there are so many things that worked well in the past that could be updated and even more successful. I can say this if these turkeys were dropping more then once every 6-12 hours I would be burning cans like crazy to get my 10 pulls. However knowing I won’t get enough for a 2nd pull I have gotten to a point of why bother as most have. These events have become more about trying to buy a prize instead of earning it. I really miss my faction bring excited for events and deciding how much to push for. Now it’s like…should we bother…