2018 Legacy Ascendables

Scopely, with 2 months left in early 2018, you’ve made 6 of the 12 legacy toons on your list ascendable. With the recent rate of release, I (now) believe you will keep your word and finish that list in time.

You released that list for us to plan our rosters. Is there any chance you could update the list? Add the next 6 or more that we could expect by mid-2018? @kalishane any chance of this?


Btw in other post its been hinted that early could be as LATE as july. But yes the recent releases has been nice uptick vs 4 months of nothing but promos.

It’s before june, not march

I read this as “2 months left of 2018” :rofl:


Keep up the pressure in a civilized manor until we get an answer.


I kinda remember the post where that was stated - it was by a poster, not Kalishane. Sure early 2018 is subjective so you may be right. I’d be perfectly happy if they continued the trend of a new legacy 6-star every other week.

Nope she confirmed it again later. It is June.

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Sorry june, but for the OPs sake its not march lol.


Wishful thinking I guess lol. To me, early in any given year does not include any warm weather for where I live. And every company I’ve ever worked for always referred to April or earlier as early in the year. January- June is usually referred to as the 1st half, not early.


Even June doesn’t make sense. Just because we are generous

Treat June and July like noon

What before that after midnight we can call it morning

Till nine something we can still say it early morning

Yet 10:00 is only 2 hrs to noon
That’s not early at all that’s late morning XD

so as June and July actually middle of the year
So May is the very final moment

And we can also think in this way and I think it make more sense

Oct to Dec is the final season

April to September is the mid of the year

Jan to March. This is what we call Early!!!

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Yes that does makes sense but in the business world when you say early 2018 you mean Jan-March. In business you usually break the year down into quarters and not halves. If they said first half of 2018 I would think Jan-June. Either way you look at it we should have all of them by June at the latest.

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