2018: Chinese Year Of The Level up


So far in 2018 we’ve seen 66 days of level ups from a possible 120 days available, with a further 8 days of LU before the end on May.

I know, I know, we don’t HAVE to participate, but for the love of all that’s holy, give it a break even if it’s just for a week.




No no no! You love level up, you eat every level up we throw at you. We know you hate blitz war, we will not give you blitz wars


Thank goodness someone else picked up on this we have had way to many and still loads more to come. We also have just 2 days of crw and 3 days of a bore fest of 3 days solo LU after WTH!! :rage::confounded:


I would prefer war and survival road be extended, but I also prefer the system how it is now to how it used to be. It’s better to have an event, even if it is a level up, then to have nothing at all for a couple days.


@Chris I agree with you about having something everyday other than how it used to be however they could at least replace a LU with a raid or SR every once in a while instead of just having level up tournaments every few days it has got a bit boring and repetitive


TBH level ups have become so repetitive it’s like having nothing to do, it’s no more interesting now than farming for gear, or raiding people just because you have raid energy.


Least innovative game ever. For events we’re either collecting stuff for a museum collection or tokens for a wheel.

Tournaments are literally copy and paste every single week, I don’t know why it hasn’t been re-named to “Road to snoozefest”


The Walking Dead, Road to Boredom


Sinto que essa será minha última guerra :cry::cry:


The Walking Dead : Pay up or Shut up.


we need some face melting excitement.


I remember when i was looking out for a level up, collecting survivors and put them into training grounds, farm for gear, put food into deluxe replenish so u could sell them later and have a lot of food and that for a week, now it’s just boring.

Btw @kalishane level up tours are still unfair as long as they don’t fix YGL, hitting 2million without is pretty hard work and cost me a lot of resources, resources others don’t have to spend. I know this is not ur fault and the team is aware of this issue but does it really need to take this long to fix it?


How we should deal with constant level ups


Yes. It takes time to fix, mostly because we don’t pay attention to anything that don’t make us money


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