2018 and how to approach


So hows everyone approaching 2018? For me im studying with big exams around the corner. Hoping to get some good 6s in RTS and not cry myself to sleep when i do a 80 pull and get 0 5s. :frowning: Getting my driving license and jump out of a plane and sydive with my girlfriend who is my profile pic. WHAT ARE YOUUUUU GONNA DO? :love_you_gesture:


I’ll troll on forums, download some nasty porn, usual.


You should start 2018 by not doing 80pulls. :slight_smile:


Im gonna take a bigg poop on a blow up Walter doll


Tentative plan is to basically do most of the things I’m currently doing, get a house, and probably not play RTS.


I’m likely going to join fellow legends like OG Lashay and get banned from the forums for speaking truths.


I’ll be working my new job after I quit this game. Lol so refreshing.