2017 Holiday Event [Official Blog] ❄⛄

12 Days of Carnage

Winter is here, and no matter what side you’re on – From The Saviors to The Kingdom, it’s still the most magical time of the year! This holiday season – from December 14th to the 26th, Road to Survival players can participate in an all-new holiday event we’re calling 12 Days of Carnage. This holiday event will offer a new limited-time roadmap, holiday collectibles and a new collection reward every day of the event!

During the next 12 days, you’ll want to gather 1000 Snow Globes and 100 Mistletoe each day. In exchange for these items in the Museum, you can obtain Toy Robots and the daily collection!

If you gather all 12 Toy Robots, exchange them at the Museum for Santa Medallions, and you will then be able to participate in the Premium Holiday Event containing important items such as Ultra Rare Gear and Legendary Gear to a Surprise Holiday Bundle! All items offered will help strengthen up your teams for the New Year!

Open the Toy Box

Locations for Holiday items are as follows:

  • Mistletoe:
    As drop rewards in Raids
  • Snow Globes:
    As stage drops, act completion and stage completion rewards in Winter Wasteland roadmap
  • Toy Robots:
    As limited-time daily collection prizes in the Museum
  • Santa Medallions:
    As limited-time collection prizes in the Museum
    Limited-time events, mystery bags, & limited-time offers

Make sure to turn in your items to the Museum daily as collections will reset!

Every day brings a new surprising gift for players to possibly collect which won’t be revealed until they go live. There will a variety of rewards in these daily gifts, to help everyone try to collect what they need. Make sure to log in daily to see what’s available.

Engaging with the Premium Holiday Event gives you a chance to obtain the Christmas bundle featuring: gear, trainers & medals to get from Tier 4 5-Star to Tier 1 6-Star!

Holidays Aren’t Here Forever

This event will run from December 14th through December 25th. The Winter Wasteland roadmap will end at 10:00am on 12/26/17, and the last Holiday Collection will end at 10:00am 12/26/2017.

The Toy Store Collection will run until 11:59am PST 1/5/2018 and the Premium Holiday Event with Santa Medallions ends on 12:59pm PST 1/5/2018.

Faction Assault Summoning Discount

In addition to the Holiday Event, we will be offering a Faction Assault summoning discount for select tiers starting December 19th, 2017 and ending on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018.

For a limited time, the number of assault tickets needed to summon Tiers 1 and 2 will be reduced by 50%. Tier 3 will be reduced by 25%.

Rally your Faction and prepare for the Assault!