2017 Christmass Event


I’m real curious about what you guys are working up for this Christmass Event. Really, even though I might get too much of a desapointment, curiosity still wins.

So, @Kalishane , any ideas? Will they have the brilliant idea of pushing those Epics/Legendaries into a wheel in which we can only pull with tokens which we exchange for with Christmass related stuff in the museum? That would be just the perfect Christmass event.

Best I got last year was a Lori, but nothing more than that.

(By the way, you normal fellas can post any other predictions here. Any ideas are also welcome so Kali can pass on to the team.)


You know all of those “Winter Edition” toons are going to be promos

Except Zeke, he’s pretty bad so he’ll probably be the free one…

(Scopely stop giving us free Zekes if you give us this Zeke for free)


Well, might. Hope can never be lost. Only abaddoned. But thanks for the point!

Plus, they can’t leave us without something good to get. It’s Christmass event. That would be pretty heartless.


Ah… sweet innocent child…


I suppose you guys haven’t seen me putting my sarcasm into use yet.



Thanksgiving, Fort Knox, Lucille Tokens, Halloween…

All decent times for promos…all of them were shit.


We’re still working on it!

I know there will be a Shiva Storyline Roadmap!

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Please tell me if that’s the roadmap that ran for 74 days?

Please don’t that map if it’s that same map


Free Shiva for all?


Lol, no. That would destroy the meta. :wink:


Really hoping for a token wheel with all of them on it.


Oh boy… Thanks for that info, Kalie!


Here’s a Wolf Of Approval