2017 a Year to Remember

For me 2017 was a great year to have been playing this game ive had my ups and downs cough (dwight event) but it was still a great time they added 6s to the game which spiced it up and gave me more motivation to play the rewards for some events are kinda unsatisfing to me but i got 4 6 and a lot of great toons i hate scopes for what they do sometimes with events and offers but at the end of the day i still love this game i dont have to like scopes but they did make a great game to enjoy and i hope we can all forgive them for whats happend in the past and lets look forward to this brand new year as human beings @kalishane @CombatDevIl @any other devs or Moderators i just wanted to let yall know ill still be playing and that im greatful for all yall have done for us and ill still be playing on my birthday on the 20th :wink: have a great New Years Everyone and Keep On Surviving

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Lol that’s great


You doing great m8. Where are those promo’s you got?

all you got is Easy beatable toons.

Show us whatcha got bro!!!

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Lol thanks but i pefer not to show if anyone here is in my region plus i got wayyyy to many to post up here :joy: but thanks for the support

Clearly you have them that’s why you didn’t hesitate to post the pleb toons lmao

By giving most everyone the same cookie cutter teams?


Don’t forget the stupid buff they gave also


It was not a stupid buff, it was a “spicey stupid” buff