200% crit special 5th slot

So I’m curious on when the damage bonus gets applied because if it applies in addition to the leader bonus and the weapon bonus its actually decent but if it only applies to the already corresponding attack then its aweful because it only adds around 100 damage to the attack. So I’m curious about this if anyone has any further information please let me know.

The issue Is the extra damage happens on attack according to the description so it won’t say in the actual stat box during a raid so it’s hard to tell if the extra damage is multiplied by the weapon and/or leader bonus or not.

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Did you try testing with and without the weapon? Friendly duel the same team for a decent sample size and you’ll have your answer.

It’s hard to know due to the double attack on the weapon and the extra crit damage when it crits I guess I could try it I did do some recordings but I wouldn’t know how to do the math on it or what sample size I would need.

The way i read it, if your toon has 50 crit, then it’ll do an extra 100 damage.

200% of crit stat is based on critical chance. A toon naturally has 10 base crit so if you don’t have a crit lead, a crit weapon, or a toon that boosts crit from a rush. The extra damage is 20. 10 x 2 (200%) = bonus 20 damage not % :frowning:

Easy way to check, give the weapon to a 2* and run a roadmap with crit lead etc

This is when she had no crit chance mod or crit on her wepon… when I added 39% crit mod , she gave +98 atk … when she rushed she showed +98 atk three times… don’t know if it stacks … this 4th slot is useless, try ur luck again to get better , for now I reset it and gave her normal stat instead of epic effects

Just tired of resting the weapon… I’ve done it 3 times and keep getting the same crit result.

https://youtu.be/7vAN8x1dxOM thanks Trailer Trasher for the film on this effect :slight_smile: for anyone interested check out the video

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No problem I just hate wasting medels to rest this weapon a 4th time… was hoping it was better than it is.

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