20 Survivors Club Pulls Video

Here are 20 single pulls over 4 days in the Beta Regions due to Survivors Club. Come and get your daily dose of pulls!


some trash but rosita is ok

How to get the inscription content creator?

I got it from making videos and posting on the forums for a period of time. Eventually one of the Community Managers added it.

Thank you, I create content for the Russian-speaking community. I think it will be possible to get this title!


Very cool! I would try to get in contact with JB so he knows you create videos and send him a link to your channel as I think he is the one currently that can add that title for you.

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Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll do it after I post some of my work here! What could he appreciate it here and not on YouTube

I don’t think it’s him not appreciating but more he doesn’t know about your channel yet. I think if I didn’t post my videos here I would have been overlooked as there are quite a bit of YouTube creators out there (English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, etc) for this game and just needing to post videos in the correct area so that there is a good chance he can view them.

Also I am not sure if JB speaks Russian (if your videos are in Russian) so I don’t know how they approach language barriers for this.

I am ignorant on this though and just giving what I think might be the case so please take it with a grain of salt.

Thank! Let’s hope that he is not a racist JB))

JB not racist…I heard he is avid viewer of your videos on VK.

Very funny)

Privet @Bab-Yagun ! :smiley:

I would advise you to join up one of the Discord or Line rooms where you’d easily find me, and let’s chat up there.

Thanks for the reaction! My Discord Bab-Yagun # 5502. How can I find you?