20 pulls and 1 5 star NA

20 pulls and one 5 star non ascendable is robbery.

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Those are better odds than I seem to have.

Think that’s robbery, should’ve been around back when 3* were in the wheel, and there was no guarantee for a 5* in 40 pulls. :grinning:


This exactly. Everytime someone complains about the odds I think of this.

20 pulls is nothing. Some don’t get a 5 star until 40 pulls.

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Everyone gets a 5* in 40 pulls. Might not be an ascendable, but a 5* is guaranteed every 40 pulls in the same wheel.

Yes, I know. I meant some don’t get one UNTIL 40. I’ll change the statement to make it clearer.

Pretty sure when they made that adjustment that they said you could potentially do a 40 pull without a 5* but that it would be made up on the next one.

Lol @ op…

20 pulls is robbery…


Sorry, had to let that out. Now you know why there are so many nearly f2p prestige 12s out there.


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It’s simply that a single 5s is garanteed by the 40th pull on a wheel. That means between 1-40 will result in atleast 1 5s. After the first 40 block, the same applies by the 80th, 120th, etc.

Each wheel has its own counter.

There was a hot mess of an explanation at one time that made it all more confusing but was straighten out later.

And the counter resets every time the promo changes.


They dropped the odds back down to 1% I am not surprised

Some still couldn’t get any good pulls out of 40s with double chances.

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I did 2 10 pulls for Lydia on double chances and got screwed over no ascendables.

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Dang. I was one of the lucky people with double chances.

Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me
What’s the rule for getting fooled like eighty times?

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Try a 40 pull with 2 5* non ascendable. Even that’s luckier than some

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