20 hours and no answer from scopely


Yesterday i was trying to unlock my account from Facebook and I finally got in a New account starting from the beginning.

I tried to contact scopely from and after 20 hours I had no answer. I am not going to be able to play a single war so no prize for me this week end.

Thank you scopely for your nice support. I will leave this game with after 3 year playing fue ti this la k of support…


this is why unlinking your account isn’t the greatest idea…


Same here i guess they dont work on weekends :frowning:


Maybe is the best to say goodbye to this game. A year algo they answer from Support in 6 hours the most and now an entire day without news.


It was longer then 6 hours last year maybe at the start it was only 6 hours, if youre gonna quit just quit, no point coming on the forums and act like its some form of leverage.


I want to say why me and i suppose others like me are quiting.

A weekend with war, starting of leagues and no support it is not a good combination.


I’ve been waiting for 48 hours-ish for a response from support lately


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