%20 + %20 territories bug


my faction mate seized material territory. that’s gives %20 bonus, then gives bonus of bonus :slight_smile:


why art thou complaining?


problem is problem, doesn’t matter useful or harmful
I think it’s bug and shared


In the future don’t report bugs that benefit everybody lol


material bonus? SERIUSLY’!!


Hey man scopley screws us at every avenue they can, so if us the players can screw them back somewhere.Then i will take it whenever possible.




somethings made bug on territories. always restarting the game. scopely fix every problem one by one. then maybe fix restart problems


So what’s actually happening here is a bug that the base materials received is being split into 2 instances. You don’t actually gain more materials. If you didn’t have the territory buff, you’d see just one instance of a Materials reward that indicates 47,800 (for that top mission) or 56,200 (for that bottom scavenger mission)

Bug’s been logged. Thanks for bringing this up.